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Vacuum Engineering Services

SERVICE may be as basic as a quick response to your call for spare parts and assistance in solving performance problems. We have complete engineering data and drawings for all Unique Systems and former Elliott® vacuum systems throughout the world. Our many years of experience in this industry, combined with well over 100 years of technical data, are your best assurance of satisfactory performance at the lowest cost.

At times when service may be more complicated, our staff is always ready for the challenge.

Field Service & Troubleshooting
Service extends to expertise in troubleshooting & repair in the field as well. Our knowledge of process vacuum equipment “uniquely” qualifies us to diagnose problems even with a minimum of information. For example, our experts get clues from operating sounds of the various components, variations in component temperatures and by monitoring discharge conditions. We will also provide you with tips to help you pinpoint problem areas plus design and physical configuration recommendations that will facilitate servicing when it is required.

Our extensive experience enables us to provide field service on just about any ejector, vacuum pump or hybrid installation regardless of OEM. Our reverse-engineering capabilities allow us to provide replacement parts as a value-added service.

System Start-Up & On-Site Training
Even under the best circumstances, system start-up can be challenging. There are numerous factors which can affect the performance of vacuum equipment. Our field engineers are experts with this aspect of service and can quickly solve the “puzzles” that often confound the most seasoned users. Unique will gladly assist with leak testing requirements, start-up procedures and operator training as well.

There are times when Unique is called in at start-up, or for field service, on another OEM’s equipment. Our customers know we have what it takes – the resources, knowledge & professionalism – to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Vacuum Engineering Consulting
One of the most interesting areas of service pertains to Vacuum Engineering Consulting in areas like new plant construction, aerospace research & theoretical applications. The very nature of this type of work requires a broad and comprehensive knowledge and a level of understanding which is extremely rare in this field. Unique Systems has been involved in this type of consulting work for many years, including government projects and proprietary research & development.

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