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The pharmaceutical industry uses vacuum for the production of many products, both liquid and solid. Most applications are batch type processes, where pressure and temperature control are critical for maintaining product quality. Due to the nature of many products, corrosion resistant materials are frequently used. Unique Systems specializes in complete, custom-designed vacuum systems required for typical pharma applications such as:

Drying – Removal of water from solids and liquids for product concentration where temperature control is critical.

Solvent Removal & Recovery – Stripping solvents from product batches for final product requirements is very critical since many solvents used in drug production are harmful if not completely removed. Environmental concerns also dictate solvent recovery where possible.

Deaeration – Removal of air and gases from batches is often required to maintain product quality, color and texture.

Unique Systems provides custom designed packaged vacuum systems required for batch process control typical for this industry, complete with all required accessories.

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