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Power Generation


Most power plants use vacuum systems wherever steam turbines are used to turn a generator. Steam ejectors, liquid ring vacuum pumps and hybrids are common in most power plants, from fossil fuel plants to nuclear plants. Typical applications include:

Main Condenser Air Exhausting – Initial evacuation and continuous removal of leakage air into the main condenser to maintain the required backpressure for optimum turbine output.

Condenser Waterbox Priming – Lifting water with vacuum into the waterboxes to reduce circulation pump horsepower and continuous removal of air that comes out of solution during condenser operation to prevent loss of condenser performance.

Pipeline & Centrifugal Pump Priming – Involves priming of large inlet and outlet circulation water piping systems and pumps to reduce horsepower requirements and prevent air binding in the piping system.

Make-up & Demineralized Water Deaeration – Oxygen concentration control of boiler feed water for anti-corrosion protection.

Turbine Gland Steam Exhausting – Using vacuum on turbine gland seals to help prevent air leakage into the turbine and main condenser and maintain turbine output efficiency.

Hydrogen & Dissolved Gas Extraction (Nuclear) – Removal of dissolved hydrogen and oxygen in coolant loops for nuclear plants to prevent explosive gas build up and reduced efficiency.

Geothermal – Gas extraction systems for geothermal steam plants. Ejectors and hybrids are commonly used, where minimizing steam usage is critical.

Unique Systems offers a complete and comprehensive line of products that meet every need for vacuum in power generation.

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