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Founded in 1973 by Olof A. Eriksen as a precision machine shop manufacturing close-tolerance steam turbine and compressor parts, Unique Systems soon began manufacturing ejector vacuum system components and assemblies for our largest customer, the Elliott Company, an industry leader in Turbomachinery & Ejector Vacuum Technology.

In 1985 we acquired the Elliott® Vacuum Equipment product lines, including ejectors, condensers, deaerating feedwater heaters, scrub coolers, grease extractors and other ancillary products. We have over 100 years of accumulated knowledge and expertise in process vacuum applications. Our files contain engineering & test data, technical & design specifications, microfilm and original mechanical drawings for all former Elliott® Vacuum Equipment.

Unique Systems is a company with a reputation for its commitment to…

Your Assurance of Total Satisfaction

We are dedicated to offering our customers a combination of value, integrity, professionalism and service in the design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of Process Vacuum Systems.

Value in your Process Vacuum System investment is best reflected in our ability to match equipment operating characteristics to your requirements and size the system to minimize your operating costs. Our objective is to optimize the performance of your system by taking into consideration the vacuum pumping task, utilities available, operating conditions, mechanical design requirements, physical restrictions that may impact design configurations, materials of construction and your economic objectives.

Integrity extends beyond providing top-quality equipment. We recognize that you may have “Unique” requirements calling for custom solutions. A custom solution may be as simple as providing a system configuration that conforms to your space limitations and may also mean developing a proprietary design to satisfy specific materials handling or operating conditions.

Unique Systems has served as a manufacturing vendor for several other well-known vacuum equipment suppliers. We feel this is the highest compliment. If our competitors can trust us – so can you!

Professionalism is our dedication to engineering excellence, recognizing that your reliance upon “Unique” products extends over many years of service. Our engineering staff works with you throughout the project cycle to make certain all requirements are fully understood. We will provide professionally prepared quotations that include delivery costs, utility requirements, physical descriptions, performance criteria and information to help you determine the total ownership cost of the equipment.

pvshelUnique Systems is a proud member of the Heat Exchange Institute (HEI) All our equipment is designed and constructed in full compliance with HEI, ANSI, ASME, ASTM, TEMA and other domestic and international codes and standards, as applicable.

Service is more than a word at Unique Systems. We understand the importance of developing an individual relationship with each customer. Our success is directly related to your continued satisfaction, which is why we focus our personal attention on every client.

Unique Systems has dedicated considerable resources in an ongoing effort aimed at improving the design and performance of this technology. We continue to enhance our existing products and develop new ones, such as our Quickcheck® Ejector Steam Chest, to better serve our customers.

Our business philosophy backs our commitment to service. We have structured our business to be flexible, responsive and cost-conscious in the design and manufacturing of systems and parts, and to take all necessary measures to help ensure a high-quality product and delivery on schedule. Our plant houses engineering, machining, fabrication, welding, assembly, testing, sandblasting, painting and packing facilities. We stock most common components for our vacuum system product lines; and, we maintain an extensive raw material inventory at all times. Over the years we have also established strong business relationships and strategic partnerships with a roster of professional manufacturing and installation firms of proven capability.pvsship

Olof Eriksen with his scale model of “Old Ironsides”
(Currently located at Liberty Science Center, Jersey City, NJ).

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