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Unique Systems primarily utilizes shell-&-tube (surface-type condensers) and direct contact (barometric-type) condensers.
Condensers are used primarily to obtain the following process benefits:

  • Lower steam consumption
  • Recover certain condensable vapors

Shell-&-tube exchangers can be arranged in either a horizontal or vertical position. Typically, the cooling medium passes through the tubes; however, should the hotter fluid be dirty or fouling in nature, it is possible for it to pass through the tubes (vapor-in-tube designs) to permit easier cleaning.
Condensers can be manufactured from any material that can be welded. For any highly-corrosive or oxidizing applications, impregnated graphite or similar materials are available.

Barometric-type condensers are very efficient due to the direct-contact between the process vapors and the cooling medium. They are simple in design and extremely cost-effective. The major drawback is that large quantities of cooling water are contaminated by process vapors thereby requiring extensive separation and treatment unit operations downstream.

Unique Systems can manufacture barometric condensers of any size to suit any process specific requirements.

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