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Unique Systems designs & manufactures a complete line of Process Vacuum Equipment:
Steam Ejectors • Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps • Hybrids • Water Box Priming Systems
Condensate Pump Systems • Deaerating Feedwater Heaters • Vent Condensers
Vacuum Condensate Drainers • Vacuum Priming Valves

Our records contain engineering & test data, technical & design specifications,
microfilm & original mechanical drawings for all former Elliott® vacuum equipment.


“Out of approximately (50) vendors we presently deal with, I would say that Unique Systems is number one on our list.  [Their] delivery, quality and costs to date have been far superior to our other vendors.”

– Excerpt from a letter of recommendation by the Elliott Company’s Purchasing Department
delivery delivery1

There is no longer a need to pay $15,000.00 – $20,000.00 for a part that should cost only $5,000.00, nor be advised of a 12-24 week delivery when your equipment is down.

Supply Unique Systems with a new or used part and we will reverse-engineer it.  Based upon like conditions of sale and manufacturing by the OEM, Unique Systems will guarantee a 50% savings in cost and delivery.

On the pages that follow we offer a small sampling of this art.  We have attempted to illustrate this in a pictorial layout, beginning with various parts arriving for reverse-engineering to that of a completed part or assembly.

Not shown is a thirteen (13) stage Elliott Supercharger with all the stator assemblies, having both fixed and variable guide vanes, or the rotor assembly for a nine (9) stage, 3885 HP, 38M9 Elliott Compressor with all the shaft & impeller seals, babbitted journal & thrust bearings.

Any make or model…any part…any age…obsolete or new…



Unique Systems received an order to reverse-engineer and manufacture (19) new shaft & impeller labyrinth seals for an 38M Elliott compressor.

Elliott Bid (Est.): $65,000 – $80,000
Delivery: 24 Weeks
Unique Systems Bid: $20,000 – $25,000
Delivery: 8 Weeks

All the seals were delivered eight (8) weeks later………………….FINAL COST:  $20,738.00


receiv1    receiv2



assembli1    assembli2

Elliott Turbo Oil Pump,
Geared Oil Pump, Governor Assembly,
Servo Motor & Packing Baffles


Only the “lightning” fast reaction by the operator on duty on this Elliott turbine generator averted a possible disaster when the Elliott mechanical governor failed and caused the flyweights to jam, cracked the governor casing, sheared the governor spindle and universal housing, deformed the worm wheel and bent the rotor shaft .012″ on the governor end.

The end-user awarded this major overhaul to Unique Systems, knowing we had few detail drawings.


Cover comes off, exposing the rotor assembly…

shaft-sleeve1New Shaft sleeves will be required on both ends……including all new shaft labyrinth seals, packing baffle & carbon ring assemblies……plus all new parts on the governor end, including trip body, worm, thrust collar & thrust bearings…

shaft-sleeve2Rotor assembly was cleaned and properly chucked with journal diameters indicated to zero-zero and new centers machined on both ends…

shaft-sleeve3Bent shaft was eliminated by reducing shaft diameters .012″ on the governor-end, re-engineer and supply new parts to this revised condition, except for the “worm diameter” which is nickel-plated and re-ground to accept a standard worm.

Journal diameters were ground to remove .010″ deep scoring and existing bearings were re-worked accordingly.

shaft-sleeve4Seventeen buckets on wheel No. 3 were replaced and a new shroud installed.  All the buckets/blades had minor erosion and the last two rows showed some physical damage.  All of this was restored by straightening and dressing.
The parts for the governor end were re-engineered and new parts made to equal or surpass the quality standards specified by the OEM……and then assembled on the rotor shaft.

shaft-sleeve5A new coupling was installed and the rotor assembly was dynamically balanced and made ready for shipment with documentation showing all conditions and work done before and after.



  1. Clean & Fly-ash blast rotorshaft-sleeve6
  2. NDT (Non-Destructive Testing)
  3. Remove trip body, coupling, sleeves, etc.
  4. Polish all diameters
  5. Indicate & record
  6. Dimensional check & record
  7. Indicate & record all concentricity’s
  8. List recommended repairs
  9. Re-assembly all parts on both ends
  10. Dynamically balance
  11. Prepare for shipment

guide-assemblyCertain default and very costly penalties faced this customer if two Demag® inlet guide vane assemblies were not delivered within 24 weeks vs. 56 weeks quoted by the OEM.

Metric interchangeability was essential.  After receiving a used assembly on loan from a friendly end-user, drawings were made of the cast iron housing, then the vanes & stator assemblies, in that order to satisfy the lead time to have patterns and castings made, followed with the details of both the planetary & fourteen spur gears, covers, metric seals flown in from Germany, etc.

More Project Examples

guide-assembly1 guide-assembly2
Guide Vanes Inlet Guide Vane Assembly
guide-assembly3 guide-assembly4
The multi-valve steam admission valves (left) arrived as “scrap” – notice the
attempted weld repair and improper seats!
rotor-assembly rotor-assembly1
When you find your rotor assembly looking like this with worn shaft sleeves and
scored and torn journals……let Unique Systems return it to you looking like this!
rotor-assembly2 mechanical-governors
Cracked Elliott governor casing restored
with new worm wheel, rebuilt weights, etc…
We can restore all Elliott mechanical governors


impeller diffuser
Impeller Diffuser
pinion bull-gear
Pinion Bull Gear
elliott-tap1 elliott-tap2
When the Elliott Co. quoted 25
weeks delivery, Unique Systems
delivered in 4 weeks!
We designed & manufactured new
elliott-tap3 When the impeller broke loose on an Elliott Turbo Oil Pump, the rotor over-sped and blew apart.The end-user, a major oil refinery, had some doubt that Unique Systems could reverse-engineer this broken assembly into a functional wheel again.


turbo-pump turbo-pump1
We take them apart… and using the worn-out details…
turbo-pump2 turbo-pump3
we reverse-engineer and make
new parts…
balance the rotor, finish the assembly
and out it goes!
diaphragms-arriving diaphragms-arriving1
Diaphragms arriving severely
eroded and warped…
and by the time we shipped them –
like new again!
rifled-bronze-bearing huhn-carbon-ring
Rifled Bronze Bearing
Used on a Clark Compressor.
Huhn Carbon Ring Assembly
Used on an Elliott Steam
Turbine Generator.


Unique Systems began manufacturing steam ejector components & assemblies for the Elliott Company in 1973.  By 1985 we acquired their vacuum equipment product lines, including ejectors, condensers, deaerating feedwater heaters, scrub coolers, grease extractors and other ancillary products.  We have over 100 years of accumulated knowledge and expertise in process vacuum applications.  Our files contain engineering & test data, technical & design specifications, microfilm and original mechanical drawings for all former Elliott® vacuum equipment.

turbines-gland-sealSteam ejectors are the most popular choice for Gland Seal Vacuum Systems for removing air and steam from steam turbine shaft seals.  Our Type P3136 Series ejector is ideal for small turbines where flow quantities of steam and air from the shaft seal bleed-off are relatively low.

For larger turbines, it is usually advantageous to use a surface-type (shell & tube) pre-condenser to reduce load to the ejector; and, to recover heat by using condensate in the pre-condenser.  The ejector used with the pre-condenser can be the P3136 or Type E Series to reduce steam usage.




Unique Systems has a great deal of experience in designing and constructing these systems, which makes us the ideal choice to fill your Gland Seal Vacuum System needs.  Please visit our website, www.uniquesystems.com, and refer to Bulletin # PVS-80021011-TGS Turbine Gland Seal Systems – Engineering Data.




We trust this information has been both helpful and informative.  Reverse-engineering is a highly specialized field.  It should never be attempted by any company or individual who does not have a comprehensive understanding of functions, pressures, temperatures, proper selection of materials, heat-treating, finishing, tolerances or other requirements for the proper design of a part or assembly.

When inquiring about parts for reverse-engineering, always specify part number, equipment make and model.  You inquiries will receive our prompt attention.  In addition, Unique Systems maintains an extensive spare parts inventory.  We also purchase new & used parts for all rotating equipment.




NOTICE OF PROPRIETARY RIGHTS:  This brochure, drawings and/or information shown, is the sole property of Unique Systems, Inc.
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-01 Assembly – Miscellaneous
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-41 Assembly – Pusher / Puller
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-02 Assembly – Steam Chest
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-07 Assembly – Turbine
-52 Assembly – Valve & Stem
-84 Babbitted & Tilting Shoes
-85 Babbitted Bearings – Seals
-87 Babbitted Thrust Bearings
-39 Baffles – Labyrinth Packing
-70 Baffles – Oil
-70 Baffles – Packing
-37 Balance Piston Seals
-35 Bearing Cases
-88 Bearing Retainers / Housing
-89 Bearing Seats
-85 Bearings – Babbitted
-89 Bearings – Plain Ball
-86 Bearings – Thrust
-16 Bellows Assembly
-80 Blades
-62 Body – Trip
-49 Body – Valve
-21 Bolts – Special
-35    Box – Stuffing
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-80 Bucket Holders
-80 Buckets
-51 Bushings – Valve
-97 Bushings – Pilot Valve
-60    Bushings – Plain
-08 Buttons
-51 Cage – Valve
-95 Oil Pistons – Cylinders
-82 Oil Seal Rings
-83 Oil Rings – Split
-36 Packing
-70 Packing Baffles
-35 Packing Cases
-38 Packing Rings – Labyrinth
-20 Parts – Carbon
-05 Parts – Governor
-10 Pedestals
-97 Pilot Valve Bushings
-96 Pilot Valves
-22 Pins
-61 Pins – Trip
-45 Pinions
-04 Piston Assembly
-79 Piston Labyrinth – Seals
-95 Pistons – Oil
-95 Piston – Rods
-56 Pivots
-89 Plain Bearings
-60 Plain Bushings
-60 Plain Sleeves
-30 Plates
-86 Plates – Thrust Bearing
-08 Plugs
-63 Plungers
-08 Probes
-41 Puller / Pusher Assembly
-18 Pump Assembly
-35 Pump – Cases
-88 Retainers – Bearing
-70 Retainers – Oil Seals
-90 Rings & Stators
-30 Rings – Base / Clamping
-33 Rings – Contact -44 Cams
-10 Caps
-20 Carbon Assembly
-35 Cases – Pump
-35 Cases – Bearing
-35 Cases – Packing
-22 Clamps
-30 Clamping Ring
-23 Clevis
-47 Collars
-47 Collars – Thrust
-58 Condensers / Intercoolers
-66 Connectors
-33 Contact Rings
-18 Control Assembly
-58 Coolers
-02 Cooling Tube Assembly
-46 Couplings
-30 Covers
-46 Crossheads
-95 Cylinders – Oil Pistons
-91 Deflectors
-26 Diaphragm Assembly
-26 Diaphragms
-26 Diaphragm – Seals
-77 Diffusers
-30 Discs / Flanges
-24 Distance Pieces
-73 Distributor – Oil
-01 Eductors
-57 Ejectors
-66 Extensions
-34 Filters & Demisters
-30 Flanges / Discs
-72 Forgings
-66 Fulcrums
-53 Gaskets
-42 Gauges
-75 Gears & Worms
-43 Glands
-06 Governor Assembly
-05 Governor Parts
-71 Guards – Bumper
-38 Rings – Labyrinth Packing
-30 Rings – Leveling
-81 Rings – Nozzles
-82 Rings – Oil Seal
-90 Rings – Shrink
-55 Rod Ends
-55 Rods
-95 Rods – Piston
-60 Rollers
-07 Rotor Assembly
-21 Screws – Special
-85 Seals – Babbitted Bearing
-25 Seals – Diaphragm
-40 Seals – Impeller
-28 Seals – Multi-Split
-70 Seals – Oil
-79 Seals – Piston Labyrinth
-74 Seals – Shaft
-89 Seats – Bearing
-14 Seats – Spring
-50 Seats – Valve
-18 Servo Motor Assembly
-27 Shaft Sleeves
-45 Shafts
-71 Shields
-30 Shims
-84 Shoes – Tilting & Babbitted
-27 Sleeves – Plain
-27 Sleeves – Shaft
-31 Slingers
-32 Spacers
-55 Spindles
-83 Split Oil Rings
-76 Spray Nozzles
-14 Spring Holder
-14 Spring Pins
-14 Spring Seats
-14 Spring Stops -48 Guide Vanes
-43 Guides
-08 Handles
-56 Hinges
-35 Holder – Stuffing Box / Seal
-80 Holders – Bucket
-14 Hooks – Spring
-35 Housings
-78 Impellers
-40 Impeller Seals
-59 Indicators
-22 Inserts
-01 Instructions & Installations
-29 Insulators
-58 Intercoolers / Condensers
-25 J-Seals
-22 Keys
-19 Kits (All Kinds)
-09 Knife Edge
-08 Knobs
-39 Labyrinth Packing Baffles
-38 Labyrinth Packing Rings
-79 Labyrinth Piston – Seals
-40 Labyrinth – Seals
-11 Latches
-30 Leveling Rings
-11 Levers
-15 Liners
-66 Links
-18 Motors (Servo)
-28 Multi-Split Seals
-17 Nose Caps
-17 Nose Pieces
-17 Nose Plugs
-81 Nozzle Rings
-76 Nozzles – Spray
-80 Nozzles – Turbine
-21 Nuts (Special)
-54 O-Rings
-18 Oil Assembly
-70 Oil Baffles
-58 Oil Coolers
-95 Oil Cylinders
-73 Oil Distributors
-13 Springs
-90 Stators & Rings
-02 Steam Chest Assembly
-55 Stems
-14 Stops – Spring
-34 Strainers
-21 Studs – Special
-35 Stuffing Box
-67 Supports
-87 Thrust Bearings – Babbitted
-47 Thrust Collars
-84 Tilting & Babbitted Shoes
-62 Trip Body
-61 Trip Lever Assembly
-61 Trip Pin Assembly
-61 Trip Pins
-07 Turbine Assembly
-80 Turbine – Nozzles
-90 Turbochargers
-52 Valve & Stem Assembly
-50 Valve & Valve Seats
-03 Valve Assembly
-49 Valve Body
-51 Valve Bushings
-51 Valve Cages
-50 Valve Seats
-96 Valves – Pilot
-49 Valve – Ring
-59 Valves – Safety
-80 Vanes
-32 Washers
-64 Weights
-44 Wheels
-71 Wipers
-75 Worms & Gears
-23 Yokes