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Quickcheck® Ejector Steam Chest

quickcheckUnique Systems designs and manufactures its ejectors, including large, complex systems, with care and precision. Our innovation and commitment to providing only high-quality products is demonstrated by our patented Quickcheck® Ejector Steam Chest.

Inspection and maintenance of ejector assemblies has traditionally required from several hours to days, depending upon size and location of the equipment. You must isolate equipment and disconnect motive and process piping, remove the ejector stage and disassemble it. With our Quickcheck® Steam Chest this is a thing of the past!

The Quickcheck® Steam Chest’s user-friendly design permits inspection, maintenance and prompt return of an ejector to service, including replacement of the steam nozzle, if necessary, without disassembling the entire unit! It requires the effort of only one person with an ordinary socket wrench to remove the cap on the steam chest. Each new unit includes a precision-machined Performance Gauge Rod which instantly checks the critical nozzle and diffuser bores ensuring proper stage operation. Best of all, this is completed within MINUTES!!

The Quickcheck® Steam Chest consists of a steam chest, nozzle holder and nozzle; therefore, it eliminates the need for various extensions and spacers which can easily be confused. It is designed to save valuable TIME and MONEY!

On ejector installations where routine maintenance and prevention of down-time are important considerations, users will realize the important benefits of this product.
The Quickcheck® Steam Chest is available for use on most ejector assemblies. It can be retro-fit onto existing ejectors, including those by other manufacturers, and is also available for high-corrosion and high-temperature conditions.

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