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Food Processing

pvs_header Today’s food industry provides many products to consumers, from “fresh” produce to complete meals in packaged or frozen form. Vacuum is used in the preparation of many food products, from extending the shelf life of fresh produce to cooking, drying and packaging of finished product. Typical applications include: Oil Deodorization – Removal of aromatics and fatty acids from various oils. [EjectorsHybrids] Vacuum Packaging – Removal of air from fluids and solids packages to extend shelf life and enhance product quality. [PumpsHybrids] Process Control – Cooking, drying, mixing and cooling of product in vessels is often controlled using vacuum. [EjectorsPumpsHybrids] Drying – Water removal from product under vacuum when temperature control is critical to maintain product quality. [EjectorsPumps] Deaeration – Air removal from products to extend shelf life. [PumpsHybrids] Unique Systems specializes in custom-designed, packaged systems for this market, complete with process controls and instrumentation.

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