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Ejector Air Removal Systems

Steam ejectors have been employed for removing air from steam surface condensers since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and the advent of steam power. They are the simplest, most reliable method known of pumping gases. In the air removal application for the power industry, ejectors and condensers are employed to evacuate air and any other non-condensable gases from the steam spaces of the condenser that services a steam turbine. Gas removal is done for the purpose of eliminating the “insulating” effect that non-condensable gases have on the transfer of heat through the tubes to the cooling medium. Without a vacuum system, air leakage would severely reduce the efficiency of the heat transfer process resulting in the condenser surface area increasing many times for a given steam load.

Unique Systems is an industry leader providing Air Removal Systems for the Power Generation market. With innovations such as our patented Quickcheck® Ejector design and a diverse array of integrated system packages, we offer the experience needed to solve complex requirements for this application. Unique Systems draws on more than 100 years of combined process vacuum experience which provides the foundation for our designs.

pvshelUnique Systems is a proud member the Heat Exchange Institute. Adhering closely to current HEI guidelines, we employ only the latest in vacuum technology and industry accepted standards. This level of commitment to industry standards helps to ensure that every system shipped is held to the highest quality benchmark in design and craftsmanship.

We offer a full range of HEI venting equipment with capacities of 2-70 SCFM for steam surface condensers and hogging capacities of 25-3,500 SCFM and larger.






For wet surface applications we offer many years of experience for standard venting capacities per HEI. For air cooled condensers we thoroughly understand the design challenges for a different set of conditions, such as high vapor loads and high turbine back pressure operation.

Among our innovative vacuum system features:

  • HEI Compliance
  • ASME, CRN & PED Compliance (as well as other internationally accepted standards)
  • Complete Range of Venting System Capacities for Any Plant Requirement
  • Full Automation Available
  • Skid-Mounted Packages with Valves, Piping & Instrumentation
  • Quickcheck® Ejector Design
  • Industry Leading Engineering Services & Field Service Support
  • Standard Two-Year Mechanical Warranty

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