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Condensate Pump Systems

“The Best of Both Worlds”


Expanding on our growing portfolio of engineered solutions for the power generation industry, Unique Systems is proud to offer packaged Condensate Pump Systems. What originally began as a value-added service to a select group of customers, this type of package has now become a typical offering in our line of process systems.



condensatepump2Utilizing our extensive experience and know-how in the power industry we now offer one-stop shopping for the main condenser manufacturer or AE looking to integrate the condensate pumping system into their overall scope. We carefully study condensate flow and NPSH requirements, ΔP restrictions, automation and connection requirements, to design a custom tailored solution that is compact and cost effective.

We can accommodate wide variations in flow requirements. From 25-5,000 GPM we can design and assemble a system that perfectly matches the requirements of your project with 100% or split-capacity configurations.



System features include:

  • Fully-Assembled & Ready-for-Installation
  • Complete Automatic Packages with Electrical Controls
  • Integrated Piping with Single-Point Connection Manifolds
  • Complete Isolation & Flow Control
  • Integral Skid-Base Mounting

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