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Vacuum systems are used in the production of bulk chemicals, intermediates and specialty products, whenever temperature limitations and reaction control parameters require the use of sub-atmospheric pressures. Many applications require the use of “exotic” materials of construction and the extensive use of process controls and instrumentation. Complete vacuum systems are our specialty for these applications.

Although so–  called “dry” vacuum pumps have made in-roads in many chemical applications, in cases where large quantities of condensable vapors are involved or where carry-over of material is a major concern, ejectors, liquid ring vacuum pumps and hybrids are still the preferred method of maintaining vacuum. Unique Systems has the applications experience to design systems that minimize discharge & water contamination and provide the most reliable operation possible. Typical applications include:

Vacuum Drying – The removal of water or solvents from a process to provide a dry product.
[Ejectors, Pumps, Hybrids]

Process Control – Maintaining precise temperature and pressure control in processes where product quality is determined by these parameters. Complete systems with all required controls, instrumentation, etc., are custom-designed to meet your exact requirements.

Solvent Stripping – Removal and recovery of organic solvents. Liquid ring vacuum pump systems offer flexibility by using solvents as the seal fluid in the pump. Complete solvent recovery systems are available, including “intrinsically safe” systems for hazardous locations.

Polymerization – Often required for bulk feedstock production and reaction control, where process conditions require the vacuum system to handle un-reacted monomers and by-product carry over.

Unique Systems has extensive experience with many applications in the chemical industries. We can provide assistance with any aspect of your vacuum needs, from materials selections, economic alternatives and process control.

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