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Turbine Gland Seal Vacuum Systems

Ejectors are the most popular choice for Gland Seal Vacuum Systems for removing air and steam from steam turbine shaft seals. Our Type “P” Ejector is ideal for small turbines where flow quantities of steam and air from the shaft seal bleed-off are relatively low.

For larger turbines, it is usually advantageous to use a surface-type (shell-&-tube) pre-condenser to reduce load to the ejector; and, to recover heat by using condensate in the pre-condenser. The ejector used with the pre-condenser can be the Type “P”; or, if reducing steam usage is important, our Type “E”.


Turbine Gland Seal Vacuum System
(Shell & Tube Pre-Condenser with Single-Stage Type “E” Ejector)

Unique Systems has a great deal of experience in designing and constructing these systems, which makes us the ideal choice to fill your Gland Seal Vacuum System needs.

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